Dedicated To Those We Love Most

Today we celebrate a very special day.  I have been looking forward to this day for some time now, because I never realized just how special this day was until the last few months.  I have always loved and appreciated my mom so much, but never had any clue how much she went through and sacrificed to be a parent.  With my experiences as of late, I realize any appreciation that I had shown was insufficient. 

As I am beginning to get a glimpse of what being a parent means more and more each day, this Mothers Day is more spcecial than any one has ever been in the past.  It is dedicated to all of the moms in my life, including my wonderful mother, my fantastic mother-in-law, and or course, the newest mom who means more to me than I can ever express, my wife, Rachel, who is celebrating her first Mothers Day.

Rachel and I celebrated the arrival of our daughter, Belle Candler, on January 15.  Since that day, I have been looking forward to celebrating Mothers Day, because I knew it would mean so much – I just didn’t realize yet just how special it would be. 

While I tell myself that I honor my wife all the time as being the best mommy in the world, learning first-hand from the two existing holders of that title (i.e., both of our moms), I know I do not show my appreciation adequately or enough.  So, I want to make this day special for her in many ways.

Words cannot adequately express the love and appreciation that I have for the moms in my life.  Of all the years I never truly understood what Mothers Day meant for my mom, this year I am able to realize first-hand just how special it is. 

Seeing my wife be a mother to our little girl has without a doubt been one of the best experiences I could have ever imagined.  In fact, it was totally unimaginable.  There is no way to understand this feeling without being in this position.  This was one of those unexpected things – not because I didn’t think she would be a great mother – but because before your baby is born, you really don’t realize those types of special things.  While pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you always think about your child, what they will look like, what kind of personality they will have, hoping they are healthy and planning all of the fun things you want to do with them.  But, when you are finally holding your child in your arms, your heart is literally overwhelmed with feelings that you never even knew existed or were possible.

Things like watching Belle and Rachel snuggle together in bed on Saturday mornings; or how Belle smiles at Rachel whenever she is looking at her; or when Rachel sings worship songs to Belle and you can tell she just feels safe.  The delivery was amazing; all of the little development things are so much fun; but, it is these seemingly little things that can absolutely break down even the toughest and hardest of hearts.  It is overwhelming, because you never realized that you could experience love like this, yet you are seeing it as clear as day right in front of your face.

Watching the bond of a mother and her child is literally one of those miracles that God does everyday, but it will never be adequately explained or rationalized.  There is no psychological, sociological or medical explanation for this.  There is no book or research study that can map how it works or quantify its effect.  It is pure love between a mother and her child, which can only originate with our Creator’s love for each of us.  It is not a natural thing – it is a one hundred percent pure God thing. 

So, that’s my little glimpse of heaven – watching my wife love my daughter.  How anyone can question the existence of God when they see or experience that, I will never know.  That is why this day is so special to me and I truly hope it’s something shared with everyone else! 

This is dedicated to my wife Rachel, and my mom, Kay, both of whom are blessings in my life that I never deserved and could have never imagined, but I was blessed with having the best women surrounding me throughout my life.  What’s just as special is that now I get to watch my wife pass that love on to my daughter, so that someday (a long time from now) she can know what it is truly like to experience this kind of love and joy that I am experiencing today.