I have finally had the chance to setup a Stockpickr account and I have created one portfolio so far.  This is a great tool to track portfolio performance and test different ideas without risking any capital.  It’s also a great source for ideas from other more experienced traders. 

Previously, I wrote about my Marketocracy funds that I have established.  While this is a fun system to manage different types of virtual funds, the funds are setup as mutual funds.  I am not a mutual fund fan; therefore, it isn’t exactly my cup of tea, and I probably will not be very active with the virtual funds that I established on that platform.  Stockpickr is a much more efficient way to track trading strategies, rather than attempting to setup a complete mutual fund (which requires way more time, even for a “play fund” than just picking some stocks and tracking them). 

Save my profile and feel free to track my performance. 


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