SOAS Moves Up in Rankings

New rankings have been released by “The Good University Guide,” a respected ranking body of academic institutions within the UK, showing SOAS (the lead school for my MSc programme at the University of London) has moved up considerably in the rankings.

SOAS ranked 9th in the UK overall, moving up 15 spaces from the previous report.  In the Economics category, SOAS ranked 18.  You can access the full rankings here or click here for the economics rankings.

The school has regularly been ranked among the top universities within the UK and is known throughout the world as a leading academic institution.  In previous years, SOAS has been ranked in the top five of all UK universities, alongside the London School of Economics (another University of London school), Cambridge and Oxford, by the Financial Times and other publications.  Further, for many years, the school has been ranked within the top 50 schools in the world.  SOAS is also ranked very high in terms of the amount of research and published works that are generated from the school’s academic leaders, as well as the volume of students going into a wide variety of careers in the UK and globally.

Click here for more information on these rankings, as well as more information on the school and its programmes.


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