Let the Dems Deal With PA

As we’re on the eve of the Democratic Primary in Pennsylvania, I can’t help but think back four years ago (it feels like at least twenty) when I was working in PA/DE on re-electing George W. Bush, along with the GOP’s local and statewide candidates in Delaware.  I was the campaign manager for the Lt. Governor’s race, serving as an unprepared, uninformed and unequipped manager to an effort that grew more and more futile every day.  POTUS’ re-election effort in Southeastern PA was about the only real exciting part of the entire campaign, not because I wasn’t working with good people who could do a lot for Delaware, but because the numbers just weren’t there, yet I was to naive to admit it.

Pennsylvania was a relentless place to work for Republicans.  Heck, the entire northeast was enemy territory and the few “W” stickers that you saw in 2004 among the sea of Kerry/Edwards stickers was like seeing a friend across the room as a fight broke out. 

There are no more “W” stickers up there today, even among GOPers.  There are very few of those anywhere.  I do, however, get some comfort knowing the Democrats are now having to deal with that part of the country, and it is proving to be as impactful for them as it was for us Republicans four and eight years ago.

I wish I had something profound to write about tomorrow’s primary.  When it comes down to it, you have Hillary Clinton who will win.  She’s supported by Ed Rendell and the numbers are going for her.  If she loses, however, she will have to bow out of the race entirely.  PA is Clinton’s last hope.  Personally, I have said Hillary will win this Democratic Primary and even though most voters (who I hear) and pundits think differently, I still believe Clinton can pull out a major win in PA and then gain the momentum she needs as the Dems go into the home stretch before their convention. 

As her opposition, we have good ole’ Barrack Hussein Obama.  The great hope of every American since Roosevelt’s New Deal.  The change America needs, yet no one has a clue what it is.  The alternative to bad.  The lesser of two evils (weevils).  The new style of American politician, as if he’s any different from any other know-nothing, neophyte from Illinois. 

Hearing people talk about Obama is like sitting in a room listening to a bunch of rednecks talk about the stock market.  They talk about something that they have no clue about, yet they are so passionate about it, as if they represented an alternate Mississippi-originating Goldman Sachs. 

Obama supporters are the ultimate buzz-word users.  They love to throw out words like “change” and “hope” and “new America,” yet no one I have ever heard, and I have asked outright, can tell me why and/or how Obama should be President.  The only response I’ve gotten is “he’s better than Bush,” as though Bush were running (and the person who said that might actually think Bush is up for re-election). 

The Obama supporters I’ve talked to adamantly support him, yet when I asked some of them what we should do about the War in Iraq, they argued we should stay and complete the job, even though they don’t agree with why we’re there.  So, I ask if they realize that is not what Obama supports – indeed, he thinks we should immediately pull our troops out of Iraq, regardless of the progress made and regardless of what happens to the people there.  I inevitably get the response, “Oh, well, I don’t have to agree with all of his policies … I just want someone new.”  Classic …

These people never cease to amaze me.  However, as more and more people are starting to learn the facts behind Obama, more sophisticated voters are beginning to see the “faddish” mentality around this man.  Once a logical person starts to think, “hey, maybe one partial term in the Senate isn’t enough to run the country,” or “wow, maybe this guy isn’t as smart as CNN makes him out to be in their commercials for him,” it’s all down hill from there. 

So, maybe I did have more to say about this issue than I thought.  Ultimately, I don’t write much any more about politics, but I enjoy revisiting the topic every now and then, especially on a slow day in the market. 


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