MarketBook 4/16/08

As an investor that is still learning everyday, I am continuously restructuring my portfolio and having to adapt my trading strategies as I go.  I’m not jumping on bandwagons and changing things everyday just because something is or isn’t working.  Instead, I am learning what a true investment strategy is and also am learning my own tendancies, processes and objectives as I go.  Therefore, as the market evolves, I also must evolve, otherwise I will not be a successful investor.

With that being said, my portfolio right now is centered on equities related to commodities and natural resources.  I still have my high yield portion of the portfolio, but separate from that, I am not heavily (read deep) into energy and ag-related stocks. 

After looking at MON and MOS for a while now, I finally bought into to both.  These were plays on corn and grain, and the fact that these are commodities that are quickly reducing in supply.  It’s simple economics.  The stability of the companies, however, is something I am still trying to figure out.  There are rumors about hedging activity causing the price increases, but I am not basing my investment/trading decisions on speculation around something that I just can’t determine.  

I also took another options position, this time with a call for Deutsch Telecom (DT), as they have had some good recent moves, right before options expire. 

It was finally time to off-load IOM, which had been a good performer for me, but it has been stagnant for some time now.  While there is potential for this to continue increasing in the future, I think there are better opportunities elsewhere; therefore, I have taken my profits.

Performance has been okay today; however, the only negative performance has been FTE today, which is down as a result of news related to a potential acquisition of TeliaSonera.  This has been a good performer, though, and it is a part of my high yield portfolio, so I am definitely long that stock.

My “IKR” portfolio is currently 11.77% up, although it is heavy cash and only holds a few positions.  My “MAR” portfolio is 2.29% up as of today. 

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