Coker Capital Joins The Funded

Coker Capital, the boutique investment firm where I am a Director, announced today that it has been accepted to join popular VC website, The Funded (  This site, which requires investors to apply for a certified profile and entrepreneurs to be vetted, has grown in popularity and publicity over the past year and entrepreneurs from all over the world visit the site to provide feedback from the largest (and smallest) venture capital firms out there. 

While the site has not received a great deal of popular feedback from the VCs themselves, I would argue that this is a good forum for start-ups and entrepreneurs to provide feedback and learn more about the funding process.  There are some who go on to the site to simply complain when they’re start-up didn’t get funded or some other situation made their meeting with a particular VC go negatively, but for the most part, the posters on the site provide quality feedback.  Most of the people on The Funded know that just because a firm decides not to fund them, that doesn’t necessarily make them a “bad VC.”  The majority of the feedback on the site is geared more around actual bad experiences where the investors have really shown some lack of quality in their actions or processes.

While I will be the first to defend the venture capital process against those who think VCs are evil, I will say that there are a number of arrogant people in this industry that are so full of themselves, they can hardly see a good deal when it sits right in front of them.  I have met a number of these guys, so I can honestly see how entrepreneurs can get a bad taste in their mouth from past experiences with some VCs, keyword there being some

Overall, most of venture capitalists out there are good people and the venture investing process is vital to most start-ups’ success.  So, these companies and entrepreneurs can have a bad attitude towards VCs all they want, but when it comes to making them rich, they will eventually have to work with us.  If they have good products and potential, and they’re willing to seek out good investors, then they will inevitably find that working with venture capitalists is a valuable process that can ultimately make them very successful/wealthy.  If not, then its inevitable to have bad experiences and bad attitudes, in which case they will speak negatively … on the internet and everywhere.

Ultimately, I am pumped about having Coker Capital be a part of The Funded.  I think there is value in this site for both entrepreneurs and investors.  Most of all, I just want to make investments that are good for me, my firm and our partners … the last thing I care to do is get involved in the game of negative politics between good and bad investors, etc. 


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