Article in The Hill on Newt

Today, an editor from The Hill contacted me about an article I wrote last month on Newt’s response to the November 7 elections. 

So, here is the link to the article in The Hill, with the full text below …

I’m not the only one who wants Newt Gingrich for president!

From Mark Reiboldt, analyst, The Coker Group healthcare consulting firm; former campaign aide to ex-Rep. Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.):Former Speaker of the House and architect of the Republican Revolution Newt Gingrich spoke at a joint press conference in Atlanta [last month] conducted by Allscripts Healthcare Solutions and the Center for Health Transformation (the healthcare think tank founded by Gingrich). While the discussion initially covered healthcare reform and technology initiatives, as soon as the floor opened for questions, the conversation quickly turned to politics, and Newt did not hold back.

Gingrich exclaimed disappointment with the outcomes of the mid-term elections, in which the Democrats took control of both Houses of Congress. He also called out President Bush for waiting until the day after the elections to announce the planned resignation of Donald Rumsfeld.“They [Republicans] should try to cooperate with Speaker-elect Pelosi … the GOP needs to get over this,” commented Gingrich, when referring to the outcome of the November 7 elections.

When commenting further on the current state of the GOP, Newt referenced Ronald Reagan’s 1974 speech to CPAC after a horrible midterm election defeat, where he stated that what we need are “bold colors — not pale pastels.”Apparently I was not the only person in the room thinking about Newt as a possible GOP presidential nominee, because the topic came up when Newt was asked about his own political ambitions. 

Even though he has not made any official announcement, Newt has repeatedly said that he has not ruled out a White House bid in ’08.Is Newt the man to deliver the Republicans a victory in ’08? Is Newt the Reagan Conservative that the GOP has been waiting for so long?Personally, I cannot think of any better candidate to lead the GOP to victory in 2008, nor can I imagine any better scenario than Newt returning to help bring the current GOP back to the conservative Party of Ronald Reagan.More importantly, I know that I am not the only one who thinks this way! Atlanta

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