Newt ’08 [UPDATE – UPDATE]

[UPDATE – UPDATE] My article about Newt got bumped up to the front page over at Redstate! 

[UPDATE] Here is the write-up from Tom Baxter at the AJC who was at the press conference last week.  Also, here is an article entry that I submitted to Redstate on this subject.

I was at a press conference last week where Newt spoke.  The initial conversation was on healthcare; however, as soon as the floor opened for questions, it quickly became a political discussion. 

There were numerous members of the press present at the press conference, and since this was Newt’s first public appearance since last Tuesday’s elections, they weren’t going to miss the chance to have Newt make any comments.

Without going into too much detail here, Newt basically didn’t hold back on commenting on some of the recent mistakes made by the GOP.  Suffice to say, I agreed with EVERYTHING he said! 

His comments signified the only thing that can bring back the Reagan Conservative mentality and get us away from the Ralph Reed style new Republican.

Oh, and based on Newt’s comments, I can definitely say that he will be a formidable contender for the White House in two years, and I will be the first to back him!

NEWT ’08!!!!

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