Cynthia McKinney’s New Dance Partner

Here is a little op-ed/letter to the editor that I had published in The Hill last week about Cynthia McKinney’s close call in the Democratic Primary. 

The editors changed my title, so I included it here.

Ousting Rep. McKinney, a service to the country

From Mark Reiboldt, Research Analyst, The Coker Group:
As a Georgia Republican, I am convinced that only the most extreme of the left will actually support Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) as she enters the runoff to battle Hank Johnson for her congressional seat.

Last Tuesday night, as the returns were coming in, initially indicating McKinney losing the primary race, the embattled, controversial congresswoman seemed to care more about doing the Electric Slide with war protester Cindy Sheehan than watching election results. McKinney did break away from her dancing long enough to claim disenfranchisement of black voters. 

As jaw-dropped voters watched coverage of McKinney’s election-night party, many of us got our hopes up that Cynthia could actually lose the race. Unfortunately, the McKinney campaign managed to turn up some more results, which gave her the lead, but ultimately the numbers did not exceed the 50 percent needed to declare a nominee.

Our only hope now is that Hank Johnson can drive his supporters back out to defeat McKinney in three weeks. If the Democratic voters of Georgia’s 4th Congressional District can make that happen, I will personally congratulate the DeKalb County Democratic Party for doing the entire country a great service in making sure Cynthia McKinney does not go back to Washington to represent Georgia!


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